Let’s celebrate Mole Day ! (The sad cousin of Pi Day)

Lots of people celebrate Pi Day (March 14). Ok, basically everyone celebrates Pi Day. People enjoy March, and pie, and puns about mathematical constants and delicious crust filled treats. But hardly anyone ever celebrates Mole Day (October 23), which is today.

For those who don’t know. A mole (mol)  is a unit of measure of an amount of  substance. Mostly used for elements and the like (e.g. atoms, molecules, ions, e.t.c), the value of the number of molecules in a mole  is 6.022  x 10^23.  This is what is know as Avogadro’s number.

Now if today was Pi day, people would be showing up with pies to work or school. People would be wearing punny pie/pi shirts and pi shaped things would be all over the place. McDonald’s would even make the golden arches into the pi symbol (ok that isn’t true but wouldn’t that be awesome). Sadly, nothing is going on for Mole day. No one’s bringing their pet mole to work. Adults are wearing giant mole coustumes. NOTHING. I, of course, have a few reasons to why I believe that people just don’t care about Mole day as much as Pi day.

  1. Bad Feeling from chemistry class. For me personally, all of my chemistry memories (from both High School and College) are in a mental box that I never open.

(I burned the box for Physics. It doesn’t exist anymore.)

2. Everything in October is overshadowed by Halloween. October should basically be called Halloween. That is all people care about. Once Halloween 1st hits our calendars, all the ghosts, vampires, and racially insensitive costumes come out. Nothing else is truly able to thrive.

3. Actual moles aren’t as eyecatching as actual pies. I will say it. Some moles are pretty darn creepy (look up: Star-shaped nosed mole). And while you can eat them, they don’t taste as good as fruit or mousse pie (so I’ve heard). Also, lots of people don’t find moles cute. If Avagadro’s number had been called a puppy, people would flock to this day! But, alas.

This is why I want to make the Mole day just as big as Pi Day…maybe even bigger! (Ok. I know that isn’t totally possible but a girl can dream.) So, everyone go to your local zoos, gardens, wooded areas, what have you, find a mole, point at it and say “I know today isn’t really about you but I appreciate you. Happy Mole day!” Then go to a Mexican resturant and eat mole as you attempt to calculate the amount of moles you are consuming.


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