Bill Nye Reading Mean Tweets (LANGUAGE WARNING)

If you were a school aged kid in the 90s (or had a school aged kid that watched PBS –shout out to my mom–), then you know Bill Nye.  (Sir) William Nye is one of the reasons I started Last Week In Science on Youtube.  Everytime we would watch his videos in class, science just looked hilarious, fun, and interesting. He had so much personality that I believe even kids who hated science liked to watch his videos. Three months ago on Bill Nye’s youtube channel (BillNyeFilm), they put up a video of him reading mean tweets in response to his new book Undeniable which has just come out.

Sidenote: He is coming to the library in my city in a week so I get to see him in the flesh read a part of it/answer questions. On the outside I’m not freaking out but on the inside…


Me. All Day.

Just hearing him use curse words is an out of body experience of me. I want to stop him for saying them but then again I want him to say more words. (I’m weird.)

Anyway, if you are into learning more about global warming (be you a naysayer or no) or science, this book will make you think. Once I finish the other book I’m reading –Nalo Hopkinson’s Brown Girl in the Ring–, I will grab this one and write a review ( in order to  help those of you who might not be too keen on reading it.)



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