Up Your Game with a Pet: Science helps you get a Bae


Winter is upon us everyone.


Or…not. But whether or not you (or even the Earth) is ready for it, winter is here*.

It might be unseasonably warm in places,like here in OH where it was just in the 60s and people weren’t able to deal with the weirdness. I even decided to join in the weirdness of the weather and grill on the outside grill. Believe me this was weird for me because I hardly used it all Summer and we don’t really do all weather grilling in my family. It’s either Summer or nothing.

However this isn’t about me. It’s about everyone who is out on Social Media complaning about not having a significant other (which actually does include me).


“Cuffing Season” is the term used for this time of year when single people want to be all coupled up because the gross cold weather makes everyone crave being indoors more. Also, supposedly, it is great to have a loved one this time of year because they buy you these things called presents to show their love and devotion?


So while you attempt to get mega buff/trim/curvy/skinny/buxom or whatever this winter, you might consider getting yourself a companion. Like one of those furry ones that likes to play fetch or is scared of cucumbers.

A pet. I mean a pet.

According to an article published called “The Roles of Pet Dogs and Cats in Human Courtship and Dating”, 1,210  single people were recruited in an online questionarie with Match.com. Here were the stats:


Participants Percentage (%)  Number out of 1,210
Women  60  726
Men  40  484



Realized while making this graph that many people have both dogs and cats which is why the numbers are large


Participants More Attracted to People with Pets Initally (%) Number of People  No Change of Attraction initially (%)  Number of People
Women 35 254.1  65  471.9
Men 26 125.84  74  358.16

Long story short, after taking the 21-question survey, 35% of women and 26% of men said that they were more attracted to a person on Match because they had a pet while 65% of women and 74% of men said that it didn’t matter. So if you are a proud pet owner on a dating website, this might boast your profile by a smidge. I was suprised that the percentages of “people being more attracted” were low. Most people love animals, so having a dog or a cat would seem like a major bonus. I even noticed that I am a bit more inclined to swipe right on a person if there is a dog in their pictures. The guy could be nowhere near my type and I will still swipe right because I like their dog. Cats, however, don’t impress me much.**

But while I am on the subject of my own personal Dog bias, it seems as if I’m not the only one. In a contest to find the sexiest pet a guy could own, dogs gained 500 out of the 600 votes. I’m assuming cats came in second, then snakes, and in last place, tarantulas because lots of people would say no to a man with a pet spider even if it is this dude.


No. Never. Maybe…wait…NO!

There is such a bias against men with cats that 32% of women in the survey said that they wouldn’t date a guy with cats while only 10% of the men said they wouldn’t date a woman with cats. So if you are man that loves his 2+ cats (because one cat is just a gateway drug to another cat), then some women won’t be that into you and that is a CAT-tastrophe.


I had to. I would have been a travesty if I didn’t.

So if you want to have a snuggle buddy for the winter, you need to:

  1. Get a dog if you are a guy. Maybe 2…3 is really best but it can be no less than 4.
  2. If you aren’t a dog man and love you 3+ cats, find a dog to take a picture with and then train your cats to bark and give slobbery kisses.
  3. If you are a women, getting a dog in the photo won’t hurt. Maybe one that you can ride like Korra? Those are the best ones.***

Also, remember to be yourself because anyone will be lucky to fall for you.*

*Technically it is here on the the 22nd of December but it’s cold enough to say it’s here early.

**And this is saying something, because I am the proud absentee parent of a cute lady cat named Morpheus.

***They are my dream pet. That and the cat bus from My Neighbor Totoro.

*Except you, Tarantula guy.

H/T to Sciencedaily.com 


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