Twelve Days of Christmas: YSIA Remix

Christmas is here tomorrow, so I decided to give you all your weird gift from me early. My mom is known for giving out books but sadly while I am rich in friendship and family, I’m poor in pocket…which is why I made you a video.


So enjoy my rendition of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.

Please note that I, like Childish Gambino said in his early mixtapes, am “Not a Rapper” but unlike him I mean it. I’m not a rapper. Sometimes I carry a tune in a deep alto that old people and whales find pleasing but most of the time, I sing in the comfort of my own home for myself alone because my dog also hates my voice.

(She is my toughest critic.)

Anyway enjoy!

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“Cynical Plan”

Passion Hifi

“Twelve Days of Christmas”

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