Get These Hot Science Bars, Son!

Listen, I love a good healthy rap beef. The Meek Mill and Drake beef of 2015 was everything a person like me could ask for. Memes! Diss Tracks! Twitter Rants! Just perfect!

But alas, that had nothing to do with science so I couldn’t talk about it here. Rap beefs have never been about mathematical theorems or scientific discoveries, unless you are talking about YouTube videos like Epic Rap Battles of History.

It seemed like there would never a rap beef that included lines like “you are a black hole” or “you are built like complex numbers and that makes your flows imaginary”…or something like that.

I’m not a rapper unlike a certain YouTube video would lead you to believe. I’m just  a normal science and rap enthusiast.

Which is why when I woke up to hear that B.o.B, a rapper, believes the earth is flat and that Neil deGrasse Tyson took time out of his busy schedule of being awesome to respond to him, I knew my dreams had been answered.

You can read the full twitter convo here.

So in response to being “Science Smacked” by a boss, B.o.B decides to drop a diss called “Flatline.”oym54ht8bzkati5ycwsx

It has now been pulled from Soundcloud but thanks to the internet, we have the lyrics.

Globalists see me as a threat
Free thinking, got the world at my neck
Hah, am I paranoid? Picture Malcolm X
In a room full of pigs, trying not to bust a sweat

Aye, Neil Tyson need to loosen up his vest
They’ll probably write that man one hell of a check


I see only good things on the horizon
That’s probably why the horizon is always rising

Indoctrinated in a cult called science
And graduated to a club full of liars


Ummm. Ok….tumblr_inline_nc8cv4BCYH1ry9hph

Of course, Neil deGrasse Tyson decided to respond. He didn’t need to. He is a busy man of science! He’s out here doing science stuff and thangs’, Lori! Stuff and thangs’. So like any smart man, he left the rapping to someone who could actually do it. Enter Tyson’s nephew and Flat to Fact.

Just the fact alone that Tyson decided to use Drake’s Back to Back beat to give B.o.B this L is hilarious to me. But the lyrics are good.

Very important that I clear this up
You say that Neil’s vest is what he needs to loosen up?
The ignorance you’re spinning helps to keep people enslaved, I mean mentally.

giphy (1)

I think it’s very clear that Bobby didn’t read enough
And he’s believing all this conspiracy theory stuff.


Okay. All joking aside, it feels like B.o.B thinks that we are all basically the Little Prince and not taking into consideration how tiny we are compared to the world we are standing on.


How B.o.B sees us on earth.

Also, what would scientists gain from telling us that the earth was round? If the earth was actually flat this would have saved many scientists from being called fools. Humans started out thinking that if you rode into the sunset on a boat you would fall off the edge of the earth. But we finally realized that this was implausible when all of the boats and ships we saw disappear into the unknown came back, instead of falling to their death. Also mathematics and astrology helped to show us that we are round.

It’s done.

No take backs.

Just like the earth revolves around the sun and gravity here falls at 9.81 m/s^2 (10 m/s^2 if you hate significant figures), the earth is slightly tilted and round.

Deal with it, B.o.B.



H/T Gawker and NPR

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  1. Theothercat says:

    The Little Prince was my favorite part.

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