Stuff Your Mouth, it’s Pi Day

It’s Pi Day!!!


The day when Nerds and the nerdy ajadcent come together to celebrate the most used mathmetical constant besides e (at least according to Wikipedia).

Found through approximation by Archemdies –that Greek mathemtician and inventor from back in the early hundreds– Pi has been annoying kids and the parents of said kids who have to help them with their math/science homework for centuries. It’s all well and good until your fractions include the Pi symbol but you don’t multiply with it.

(I’m looking at you, Radians.)


You’ve been seent, Radians.


Anyway, back to Pi Day. I love these weird mainstream nerd days. May 4th (Force Day), October 23rd (Mole Day), and the day we never forget forget, August 24 (the day Pluto was ripped out of our acrynom and hearts since it is a dwarf planet). They make science fun for everyone and most of the time they involve some sort of food.

So shout out to Pi Day! Thanks for bring together food and math for adults because life hasn’t been the same since I stopped learning fractions with M&M’s.


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