Cheaters: Animal Planet Edition

I’ve seen a lot of animal videos, honey badgers being honey badgers, goats being jerks and attacking people in a town (that one makes me laugh to this day), a panda mom being frightened by it’s baby sneezing (insta-classic). Basically, I’m an animal video connoisseur. This video, however, got me all in my feels.

The Betrayal

On an episode of Nat Geo Animal Fight Night, aka. Worldstar Nat Geo, a Humboldt penguin comes home to find his wife with another penguin.


But to add insult to injury after fighting him (and getting beat up in the process), his wife leaves him for the side penguin. The side penguin!!


My reaction

This female penguin took their sleeping hole (that they dug together), half of his daily fish, and the kids. How do penguins figure out visitation rights? Did he make sure to have her sign a penguin prenup in case something like this happened? Where is a penguin Judge Joe Brown for this situation because this husband needs justice.

The only silver lining to this will be that one day(probably soon), this penguin will find a female penguin who will treat him right and not cheat on him…hopefully. Humboldt penguins only live for approximately 20 years, so he needs to get on it if wants to rekindle the spark with someone new.

But maybe he should take a week and learn to love himself first because…wowza.

***If you can’t deal with bird on bird violence, then this video isn’t for you.***

On an episode of Animal Fight Night: Kangaroos, Tigers, Octopus,

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